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Good News in CRE: November

November 8, 2021 marked the end of a 20 month international travel ban. What’s next? Conventions, increased occupancy in downtown hotels, a surge for Chicago restaurants and shops, and more.

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suburban growth in the covid era

Suburban Growth in the Covid-Era

The Chicago suburbs experienced an influx in real estate activity due to the Covid pandemic.  While companies transitioned employees to virtual, city dwellers decided it was time for more space and sought homes throughout the greater suburban market. 

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medical real estate hub and spoke model

Medical Real Estate Prioritizes Hub and Spoke Strategy

Over the past three decades, the Chicago suburbs have seen a trend emerging in the medical real estate industry; the push towards a “hub and spoke” model.  In this concept, hospitals are the central hub, and outpatient and surgery centers, as well as preventative care offices, are the spokes to the system

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Good News in CRE: September

•This month the SBA opened the application portal for an increase in the COVID EIDL. Previously capped at $500,000, now businesses can apply for up to $2M in funding. The loans have a 30 year amortization with a 24 month deferment option and can be used to pay, or even prepay, commercial debt.

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