About Us

Founded in 2004, O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate Inc was originally a one-man shop owned and operated by Kevin J. O’Donnell. After over two decades with Chicago’s top brokerage firms, Kevin saw a unique niche developing in his local residence. The Greater Fox Valley area was undergoing extreme residential and commercial growth, as was the entire area of the northwest suburbs. His hometown of St. Charles, Illinois was quickly expanding westward, and demographics were on a strong upswing. By pairing his strong ties to this community with his previous real estate experience, Kevin was able to build a sound foundation for his very own firm. Even as a one-man shop, O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate Inc was able to offer local developers, owners, and tenants the commercial expertise and industry knowledge necessary to successfully meet their commercial real estate goals.

Leadership and Vision

Today O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate Inc is driven by the same standards: providing developers, owners, and tenants with unparalleled commercial expertise, local knowledge, and superior service in this ever-growing niche. Each team member has strong ties to the Greater Fox Valley area that complement their in-depth market knowledge. As a team, we’ve been humbled by the chance to build strong relationships with local professionals specializing in the legal, financial, and government fields, as well as area developers and entrepreneurs. We are proud to be recognized as one of the preeminent commercial real estate brokerage firms in the Greater Fox Valley area, and are committed to expanding our network to allow us and our clients to capitalize on local market opportunities.


We consider the relationships we’ve developed with key professionals to be our most intangible asset. Being well-networked allows us to see “outside the box” and bring opportunities that may have been overlooked without such resourcefulness. Furthermore, O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate Inc typically implements a two-tiered level of service for each client when appropriate. This service method pairs a senior executive with a sales associate in order to guarantee coverage, innovation, and expertise.

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