5 Reasons (other than cost) to Shop Your Lease

Recently we did a showing with a well established medical practice in the Fox Valley area.  Currently this practice is located in an on-campus medical facility (a medical office building located on hospital grounds.)  Their initial lease term is coming due, so they are shopping new sites.

O’Donnell Commercial Excels with First Time Tenants

Since graduating National University in Lombard, Ryan Deniz knew he wanted to open a chiropractic clinic in his very own hometown of Geneva.  So when Kevin O’Donnell completed a business presentation at his university’s class, he knew it was fate.  The small boutique commercial real estate firm resided in Geneva’s neighboring town of St. Charles.

Residential Realtors vs. Commercial Brokers…there is a difference

As the owner of a small business, you notice that your quickly growing out of your current location and that it is time to relocate. Who do you call? For some people the first answer that comes to mind is anyone in real estate, namely being the Realtor that sold them their house.

The Benefits of Moving into a (Mostly) Vacant Building

Even with the economy on the upswing, there are still a number of vacant/mostly vacant properties. Often times, this scares tenants away, thinking “there must be a reason no one has leased space in this building,” or “I’m not going to be the only person to make a mistake and occupy space here!” In our experience, these explanations couldn’t be further from the truth.

Single, double, or triple net lease…what’s this mean?

In the past we’ve blogged about the difference between gross and net leases, however, did you know there are a variety of Net leases? You may be curious as to what those “N’s” mean after the rental price listed. Well, these “N’s” could mean quite a difference in how much rent you pay.

Does your home-based business need a permit?

In the past we've discussed home offices and the pros and cons of running a business out of your home. Recently we stumbled upon this article by the SBA indicating types of permits needed by home businesses, "Whether you’re starting a business from home or looking to move into a home office, it’s important not to overlook the fact that your business is still subject to license and permit laws.

Top Traits of a Good Commercial Real Estate Broker: Part 3

In order to complete our “Top 10 Traits” blog posts, here are traits 7-10 of a good commercial real estate broker.

7. Be proactive. Representing commercial real estate is more than putting up a sign and waiting for the phone to ring. In our eyes, successfully listing a property includes cold-calling suitable prospects, canvassing the local market, tapping into in-house sales leads and extensive databases, and using a cutting edge marketing plan that includes a combination of internet marketing and networking.

Top Traits of a Good Commercial Real Estate Broker: Part 2

In our last blog we outlined the first three traits we felt a good broker should have.  As promised, this blog will continue on with traits 4-6.

4. Does not own commercial real estate.  Sure, as a broker we come across some pretty great opportunities to purchase or invest in local real estate ventures.

The Top 10 Traits of a Good Broker

The Top 10 Traits of a Good BrokerSo it may seem odd that a brokerage company put together a list of traits for a good broker…and trust us we are not trying to toot our own horn.  But the reality is, we are in this business every day, all day, so we see comparable professionals all the time.

Broker Reputation is Important in Commercial Real Estate

When interviewing commercial real estate representation, it is important that the chosen broker be easy to work with and contact, is knowledgeable about the industry and chosen market, and be able to best market the property. However, a broker’s reputation in the marketplace should NOT be overlooked.