St. Charles, Illinois Welcomes Three New Retailers

St. Charles, a western suburb of Chicago, is getting ready to welcome two more retailers to the town...making it three new business grand openings in the past 30 days.

The Finery & Blacksmith Bar will open it's doors tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21, in downtown St. Charles.

In our last blog we highlighted Tony's Finer Foods possible purchase of a vacant Dominick's in Schaumburg, Illinois. Within the structure of the deal, Tony's will receive Tax Increment Financing for the first five years. Today we read a similar article, this time offering a turf maintenance company sales tax rebates for the purchase of a vacant Walmart in Elgin, Illinois.

Stratford Square Mall Joins Others in Renovations

Mall renovations seem to be trending throughout the Chicagoland area. From Charlestowne to Woodfield and Spring Hill, now Stratford Square Mall in Bloomingdale, Illinois joins in the effort of luring shoppers with new amenities and an updated look. Plans call for approximately $30 million of renovations in addition to the new 40,000 square foot entertainment center, called Round One.

Spring Hill Mall of West Dundee Proposes $37.7 M Renovations

On Friday we read an article detailing proposed renovations to Spring Hill Mall in West Dundee, Illinois. Mall owner, Rouse Properties, is proposing to village officials a $37.7 million renovation that will encompass approximately 174,000 square feet.

In 2005 Spring Hill Mall underwent $7.5 million of interior renovations.

Suburban Downtown Renovations Continue

Throughout Chicagoland we have seen a number of suburbs undergo changes to their downtown areas, including Naperville's new retail developments, St. Charles' First Street Development, and many more. In last week's Daily Herald Business Ledger, the mayor of Mount Prospect discussed upcoming changes to their downtown.

Oswego, Illinois slated for Growth

Recently we read two articles discussing two DIFFERENT commercial developments proposed in Oswego. One discussed changes to the riverfront/downtown area, while the other focused on a 534.6 acre MEGA mixed-use/residential development. Read on for more information on both proposed developments.

Glen Ellyn Continues to Grow: A Todo Madre & 1 Happy Girl

Over the past few weeks well-known, local brands have expanded into Glen Ellyn. Known for it's unique shops and one-of-a-kind restaurants, Glen Ellyn was an obvious choice for A Todo Madre and 1 Happy Girl.

A Todo Madre opened it's Glen Ellyn doors on November 4, 2014 after first opening in Geneva.

Electric Vehicle Sales on the Rise; Impact on Commercial Real Estate

Back in June of 2012 our firm posted a blog about Electric Vehicle Charging stations (EVCs).  You can refer to that blog here.  In it we argue that landlords and developers should consider installing EVCs to attract tenants.  We mainly discussed the need for these stations in retail developments, however there is a stronger need for EVCs in office and multi-use facilities lately which is outlined in a new article published by the Business Ledger.

Old is “In:” Charm in Historic Properties

For years, cities have preserved historical structures and neighborhoods, honoring the past.  Naperville has an entire "settlement" devoted to decades past.  Downtown Geneva is lined with both vintage commercial and residential buildings that seamlessly intertwine with the cobblestone streets and welcome tourists from afar.