Celebrating Earth Week at Work

With Earth Day/Week upon us, we thought it ideal to share a couple ways to celebrate this holiday and promote the causes it stands for.  Take a look at the list below and comment on how you may be celebrating.

Commit to a rideshare program…even if it is just for the week.

The Power of Brick and Mortar

Over the past decade, e-commerce business has grown exponentially. From Amazon and ebay to directly sourced wholesale products, customers are turning to the Internet to shop. Today, however, the Chicago Tribune published an article outlining Google’s plans for brick and mortar locations.

Cost Saving Methods: Monitor Your Entertainment Budget

After a brief blog hiatus, we’d like to finish off our series on monitoring costs for 2013. Now that we are in full swing, most likely so is our “entertainment budget.” If you are in any kind of sales related business, chances are you are courting clients frequently.

Cost Saving Methods: Monitor Your Small Business Vendor Expenses

Last week we started discussing cost-saving measures for your business in 2013. To continue that conversation, we’d like to move onto our second tip in which we implemented in 2012: Asses and review your providers.

Over your years in business you may have developed trusted relationships with some of your business vendors…you probably even consider them advisors for your business.

Cost Saving Methods: Monitor Supplies

Welcome to 2013! We’re sure this year will be on the same upward trend as 2012…and to get things headed in that direction, we thought we’d focus the next few blogs on cost saving measures for small businesses. Listed below is a method we put into place during 2012 which positively impacted our bottom line profit.

The Benefits of Moving into a (Mostly) Vacant Building

Even with the economy on the upswing, there are still a number of vacant/mostly vacant properties. Often times, this scares tenants away, thinking “there must be a reason no one has leased space in this building,” or “I’m not going to be the only person to make a mistake and occupy space here!” In our experience, these explanations couldn’t be further from the truth.

Preferred Vendor List Returning for 2013 to Benefit CASA Kane County

Last year our firm started a Preferred Vendor List that provided a variety of professional vendors to prospective tenants in the marketplace. The list encompassed printers, furniture dealers, bankers, insurance providers, and many more helpful professionals that a company looking to buy/lease commercial space may need.

Spotlight on Kevin O’Donnell

This week's blog post will feature O'Donnell Commercial Real Estate founder and owner, Kevin O'Donnell.

Kevin J. O'Donnell is the President and Founder of O'Donnell Commercial Real Estate, Inc. O'Donnell Commercial is a full service commercial brokerage firm serving the western suburbs of Chicago, with a special emphasis on the Greater Fox Valley area.

Multi-Family Continues to Boom

We’ve discussed this before, but it seems as though multi-family properties continue to be on our radar. Recently just drafted a report stating that over the next two years an additional 1.7 million new multi-family renters will hit the market scouting out an apartment.