Commercial Real Estate Services in Aurora

Real Estate Services Aurora

Members of O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate have completed commercial real estate transactions in Aurora, Illinois for over 25 years now. In fact, President Kevin O’Donnell successfully represented West Ridge Corporate Center in their 694,000 square foot transaction to LTD Commodities-one of the largest industrial transactions in Aurora. Additionally the firm has represented a number of office, medical, and retail clients in Aurora and the surrounding area.

For over seven years, O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate has built a strong relationship with landlords, key city officials, real estate professionals, and business owners throughout Aurora. These relationships continue to provide useful information on upcoming developments, new real estate tenants, and general market news.

Unlike residential real estate, there are no set contracts or procedures involved-therefore it is necessary for tenants to hire a commercial agent that is knowledgeable and informative. O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate believes in empowering their client with the necessary information to make cost-conscience decisions. The firm’s tenant toolbox, square foot calculator, and weekly blog narrative are a few examples of how the firm continually strives to educate their client. Finally, the use of a commercial broker is completely free for tenants, just like it would be for homeowners purchasing a house.

O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate continues to improve its product representation services for landlords and developers of industrial, retail, medical, and office real estate. By staying on top of the latest marketing initiatives, such as search engine optimization and social media, the firm is able to generate more prospects and thus more successful transactions. The internet has become the first place business owners and decision makers go for all types of business processes, and commercial real estate is not excluded. By putting the firm, and thus the represented properties, forefront, the chances of interested prospects grows. General cold-calling and canvassing are integrated with all properties, as well.

Provided here is a summary of demographics for Aurora. Please contact O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate if you’d like detailed information regarding consumer spending by sector, daytime employment, or traffic reports.

  • 5 mile population of 201,709
  • 5 mile household income of $67,686