Airhart Construction Homes Focus on Amenties and Technology

Airhart Construction Homes Focus on Amenties and Technology

While browsing this week's posts on The Business Ledger site we were excited to see one of our clients quoted in an article. Court Airhart, developer and owner of Prairie Center in West Chicago, also builds homes under Airhart Construction. In the article "Slow Surge in Housing Rebound," Airhart said “The last five years gave us a lot of time to evaluate what we were doing...We evaluated every house design and asked how it does it fit the lifestyle of today’s homebuyer.” The conclusion he came to was that buyers are seeking high end amenities and finishes in "tech-savvy" homes and would sacrifice square footage to obtain these features. Custom cabinetry, top of the line appliances, spa-quality bathrooms, upscale trim, and the latest in wireless communication and entertainment technology are just a few of the trends the article cited buyers are looking for.

In order to fulfill the buyer requests Airhart Construction is offering these types of homes throughout their developments.  "Its Fisher Farm community in Winfield features 1,900-square-foot prairie style houses with open interior designs priced at $479,000. Its College Station development features 14 homes, roughly 2,000 square feet in size, within walking distance of a commuter train station. Those houses are priced at $359,000-$450,000. Airhart also is selling newly-constructed row houses and townhouses in Wheaton," states The Business Ledger article.


Just like in his commercial buildings, we think Court and his partners have a great handle on the market and are truly in touch with the buyers needs.  To learn more about Airhart Construction and the houses they offer, check out his website.

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