Old is “In:” Charm in Historic Properties

Old is “In:” Charm in Historic Properties

Al Capone's Hideaway

For years, cities have preserved historical structures and neighborhoods, honoring the past.  Naperville has an entire "settlement" devoted to decades past.  Downtown Geneva is lined with both vintage commercial and residential buildings that seamlessly intertwine with the cobblestone streets and welcome tourists from afar.  However, vintage has never been so "in" as it is now.  For even more proof, check out top selling home decorator stores and you'll see reclaimed woodworking in furniture throughout the store!


We welcome this trend in commercial real estate and have seen it most recently in the purchase of two historic "destination restaurants."  Just days ago it was announced that Al Capone's Hideaway in St. Charles was purchased by local Alley 64 bar owners.  And in 2012, Fishermann's Inn of Elburn was purchased and renovated.


Al Capone's Hideaway was closed in 2012 and went into foreclosure after many years attracting customers to what was supposedly Al's "hideout" in suburban Chicago.  The gangster theme was apparent in the restaurants decor and employee wardrobe.  The new ownership was attracted to this "theme" and wave to nostalgia.  They plan on updating the establishment, but keep a lot of the original charm of the site.


Gatherings at Fishermann's Inn was also renovated to keep the original charm of the facility.  Today they host "gatherings," such as weddings and corporate events.  With "rustic" weddings being such a hot item, Gatherings is the perfect barnyard location.


We appreciate historic sites and the charm they bring to the stores/restaurants they host.  If you're business is looking to purchase or rent a vintage, historic building we are happy to find one that fits your budget.  Contact us today.

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