O’Donnell Commercial Excels with First Time Tenants

O’Donnell Commercial Excels with First Time Tenants

Since graduating National University in Lombard, Ryan Deniz knew he wanted to open a chiropractic clinic in his very own hometown of Geneva.  So when Kevin O’Donnell completed a business presentation at his university’s class, he knew it was fate.  The small boutique commercial real estate firm resided in Geneva’s neighboring town of St. Charles.  This meant O’Donnell brokers surely knew the surrounding areas and could aide in his search for commercial space.  In November of 2012 Deniz reached out to the firm, and by early 2013 he had signed a lease for 1,750 square feet at 524 W. State Street in Geneva.

As a first time commercial tenant, Deniz knew he had quite the learning curve ahead of him when it came to choosing a commercial space for his firm.  By enlisting the help of O’Donnell Commercial he was able to better navigate the industry, “O’Donnell Commercial were able to answer any questions I had throughout the lease process.  They were my advocate when it came to negotiating for the best deal.”  Many times landlords have the upper hand when it comes to first time tenants, as these tenants may not to know to ask for rent abatement or know how to best negotiate.  Therefore, having a knowledgeable, responsive broker in their corner ensures they get the best deal.

“We believe in educating our clients-whether they be first time tenants or seasoned professionals relocating for the fifth time.  Knowledge truly is power in commercial real estate.  If a tenant doesn’t know the comps in the area or to ask for abatement, he won’t get the best deal, but if we educate them they will,” comments firm president, Kevin O’Donnell.  “Some brokers may not like to work with first time tenants because they do tend to be more time consuming and may have a harder time making decisions as they are bombarded with so many other business matters that go into opening a small business.  But we’re happy they chose us.  We’re commercial real estate brokers…it’s what we do,” continues O’Donnell.

Today Dr. Deniz successfully owns and operates Partner in Health where he is able to practice what he does best-take care of his clients.  Using cutting edge techniques practiced on Olympic and professional athletes, Deniz is able to provide high quality care for his patients.  The Active Release Technique practiced by Deniz lessens his patients hospital admissions, outpatient surgeries, and pharmaceutical costs.  Additionally, he is happy to provide his patients with an exercise area within his office so that they can maintain their health once he corrects it.

For more information on Partner in Health, visit pihgeneva.com or call 630.232.7611.  Or, if you are a first time tenant, call O’Donnell Commercial Real Estate, Inc. at 630.444.0444.  We’d be happy to help guide you through the lease or purchase process.

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