Three Reasons Medical Practices Should Start Their Search for Office Space Early

Three Reasons Medical Practices Should Start Their Search for Office Space Early

Generally speaking, we at O’Donnell Commercial advise all businesses to start their real estate search as early as possible.  This holds especially true for medical practices.  Following are three reasons we believe it to be essential doctors should search for their new office at least a year in advance:

1. Equipment:  Unlike many other office users, medical practices often times have a large amount of equipment.  More so, many times medical equipment needs to be specially ordered and installed.  With that said, it is important to find a space in advance so that floor plans can be created and the correct number and size of specialty equipment is ordered.  Plus, finding a space early enables construction crews to adequately prep the office for any electrical and plumbing needs for various equipment.

2. Construction:  Most medical offices require more build out than traditional office users.  Whether it merely be the large number of built out rooms (exam and office) or the extensive plumbing with sinks in all the exam rooms, this construction takes more time than other professional spaces.

3. Clientele:  Medical practices are probably the only type of office user that has such a large number of clients (patients) at their facility on daily basis.  With that said, much thought has to go into where an office is located.  Whether medical practices do a demographic study of where they draw their patients from and find an office closest to that center, or they research where gaps in coverage may be, much thought and time goes into deciding the location of a practice.  Furthermore, patient correspondence is necessary to address the move or new location, which also takes time.

With all this said, O’Donnell Commercial suggests that medical practices reach out us to start their office search at least one year before the proposed move.  Our firm is well versed in medical transactions and looks forward to helping your practice.

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