Networking Proves Essential for Small Businesses

Networking Proves Essential for Small Businesses

UICO LLC: Picture from the Daily Herald Business Ledger

Last week the Daily Herald Business Ledger published an article regarding suburban start-up company UICO LLC. The firm develops and manufactures industrial-grade touch screen products that withstand heat and water, can be used with gloves, and are extremely durable. Overall we commend the company for their quick growth, innovation, and use of angel investors for a small business. However, it was in the last part of the article that we connected the most with UICO. Chief Financial Officer Scott Hoekman commented on the necessity for networking for suburban start-ups, “Talk to as many people as possible because those are potential customers, those are potential investors, and those are people who may know other people who can help you make your business successful.”

We can’t agree more!

In our business especially, a client can be anyone…we literally can open up the phone book (if we still used them!) to any page and start making cold calls. No tradeshow, chamber meeting, or conference would be out of our realm as all businesses need a “home.” Whether we find a tenant looking for space, an owner wanting to sell their building, or simply making a business acquaintance we’re excited to build our database and book of resources.

Furthermore, we think Hoekman’s stance is important to start-ups particularly as there is much uncharted territories when building a business from the ground up. Being a small business ourselves we learned that so many “partners” were needed for our success. Be it our attorney, insurance agent, banker, accountant, etc… all of these people provided not only useful information, but also acted as a referral for us.

We love what we do for many reasons, one of which is being able to help connect our clients. If there is a potential lead or contact we can supply to anyone we network with, we are all about providing that information. Small businesses are an integral part of the economy and we like to think we’re an advocate of this sector.

So the next time you get that email to attend a chamber event or open house, consider attending…you never know where it could lead.

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