Prepartion makes Perfect (How ODCRE Prepares for a Listing Pitch)

In today’s LinkedIn headlines we noticed an article titled, “What Realtors do for Sellers.”  This article outlined all the items residential real estate agents prepare before meeting with a prospective client in order to better understand the subject property.  The list included items such as pulling comps (comparable properties), both on the market and ones that have sold, and researching analytical data like average days on market or related property vacancy rates.

As a commercial real estate brokerage firm, our preparation isn’t much different.  We put in multiple hours before even meeting with a prospective new landlord or owner client.  In addition to web based research using highly renowned, paid subscription services, we also make calls to other brokers in the same area to gather information and drive the market in search of For Sale By Owner properties and specific characteristics of comparable sites.

Before a listing pitch we also discuss potential marketing outlets with our internal marketing staff.  Having a dedicated personnel on staff is extremely beneficial, not only to us, but also to our clients as their property benefits from the latest marketing strategies.  In a pre-listing pitch meeting with our marketing personnel, we discuss prospective client lists and ways to target such customers including online media, traditional advertising, mailings, events, and canvassing promotions.

We take pride in having a full understanding of the market and feel confident with our research methods, we can successfully market your property.  Please contact us to learn more about our product representation services for office, medical, retail, industrial, or land properties, whether you are looking to sell or lease.

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