ODCRE Adds Text Message & QR Scans to Signage

O’Donnell Commercial is very excited to announce our latest marketing venture for property marketing.  We have collaborated with a text message marketing company to bring call capturing and QR codes to property signage.  These items will allow prospects to text anytime of the day or night and automatically receive customized information on that property.  Additionally, a QR code will accompany the text message number.  Smartphones will have the capability to “scan” the QR code and also be given instant access to information.

In addition to an automated text full of property information, a specific website will be included in the text so that phones equipped with the Internet will be able to access the property website and learn even more.

The system we will use for this program will alert us via email as to a new inquiry.  Additionally, we will be provided with the phone number from which the text was sent.  We will then be able to use this phone number to contact the prospect at the appropriate time.

We believe this marketing effort will procure more prospects, and thus procure more successful transactions.  Detailed property information will be available 24 hours a day, including weekends, when our normal office is closed.

To better understand this, feel free to text ODCRE1 to 88000.  The automated text is just an example of what prospects will see.  Additionally, the http site sent in the text is a great example of a property website complete with detailed information and a picture.

Contact us for more information about this service or our product representation services in general.

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